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This site contains a treasure of middle-east pictures. The photographer, Roumany Latif, has especially capured a large number of rare copti icons and little photographed churches and monasteries. Included in this album are a great number of pictures dipicting scenes and life in Egypt. Along with these pictures are samples of commercial work which he has done.
Mr Latif's passion for photography shows in his pictures and takes the viewer to where he was at that time and place. If you are interrested in any of the photos for purchase you can contact him here.

The pictures can be presented in various sizes and mattes.
This collection of pictures is quite large and some of the pictures are extremely rare. They were taken in and around Egypt and contain a vast number of coptic icons. To go to the album simply click on the link to the left. Once in the album if you wish to inquire about a photo there is an inquiry button to do so.

Coptic Icon Section

The coptic icon section has over 150 icons, some are very rare. This album section also has a church and monasteries link that has hundreds of little photographed religious sites. Be sure to visit these sections in the album, as they hold a wealth of coptic history.
Throughout the album there is a rich treasure of photos from and around Egypt.

From Mr. Latif:
In March 1999 I started a big project, I photographed 768 units of the Egyptian Coptic Icons. During that time I fell in love with indoor light units and how to get out all the reflections from the Coptic Icons. It helped me later when I photographed the commercial work so I could draw the reflections of lights in the products or to get it out.
In December 2001 I started my own projects until now to photograph monasteries and churches everywhere in Egypt from painting wall, buildings, and Coptic icons but this time with the last I did it in outdoor light and found that this is more difficult. I have more love for outdoor light.
During my trip I discovered 1 Coptic icon and in November 2005 I discovered 3 Coptic icons in a monastery and one of them in triplicate. I photographed most of the Egyptian monasteries and churches. Also, the red monastery (Saint Beshay) I photographed it before and during restoration. There is a pharaon cave, it is a monastery really, I love it and no one touches it until now with the restoration of all of it's wall painting and Pharaonic stones.
In 2006 I started another personal project with mosques wishing I can do it all.
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